E129 Leaves of Glen Reads: ‘Day of the Moron’ by H. Beam Piper

An opinionated and sexist jerk decides to make all his employees take an intelligence test. Because he’s convinced ‘morons are going to blow the building up’. We get to learn a lot about unions too… ugh.

Also, I tried to have my window open so you could hear the soothing sounds of life outdoors like Miette from her ‘bedtime stories’ podcast. But that’ll go south pretty quick when you have drunk neighbors.

Go on, read it yourself:

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I started using Pocket Cast this year to listen to shows. And I know two people who won't stop giving me shit for it's end of the year results (@wabpod & @RatchetBookClub)

I have almost no listeners on Spotify. So to see the yearly wrap up try to make it sound like I’m doing really well is hilarious, because it’s also just saying I only have 46 listeners. https://tmblr.co/ZX0mERc-dk0Tai00

🚨 New episode of 'Gestating the Curious Mind' 🚨

Chapter 4 - Lucretia finally gets to prove herself

Sporty Spice isn't possible if your dad doesn't let you play sports

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This week on the podcast we're returning to a book series we covered in the early days of the podcast. A paranormal romance bordering on erotica set in near future where global warming has destroyed the Earth. Buckle up.

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🚨 New episode of Leaves of Glen 🚨
'Judgement on Janus’ by Andre Norton

My 'fun fact' really ruined the vibe of the show. That's the last time I use http://grunge.com

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