E175 Book Boys watch ‘Twilight’ – the movie

We decide to test out our new audio situation by live-watching ‘Twilight’ the movie. It’s a hoot if you’re watching it with us, but if you’re just listening- all you’re going to hear is us breathing a lot and it won’t make sense. Especially when Ben explains all of Edwards weird expressions being the result of an eternal struggle with puberty.

We learn:

  • Ben is inching closer to a romantic relationship with is physical therapist
  • Gretchen explains how a tufted tit-mouse will eat your hair
  • Glen tries not to crack up during a funeral
  • Gretchen gets Ben to make bird noises

Go watch it with us:

Visit https://nuzzlehouse.com for show info.


Watching a show where old women keep drugging cookies to force people to fall in love while I wait for dinner. https://tmblr.co/ZX0mERczSpxUye00

I don't know what's happening to me today. But for some reason I feel like this is important enough that the world needs to know.


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