E206 Book Boys special Thanksgiving Day episode

Ben decided that we should make a ‘banter heavy’ holiday episode. The conversation is awkward and uncomfortable, but Ben reads a sample of some Thanksgiving Twilight fiction. So that makes it all worth it.

We learn:

  • Ben’s boss had all her family over for the holiday, even though she just got over Covid.
  • Glen made a turkey for the first time in his life, and it was so disgusting that he’s decided to be a vegitarian.
  • There’s no bird blurb segment from Gretchen, but we played her music anyway.
  • Ben’s not going to get any break-up closure.
  • Ben does an amazing reading from ‘The Thanksgiving Feast Twilight Fanfic’ by EdwardHisTopazEyes

Go read it yourself: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/7573298/2/The-Thanksgiving-Feast-Twilight-Fanfic

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I started using Pocket Cast this year to listen to shows. And I know two people who won't stop giving me shit for it's end of the year results (@wabpod & @RatchetBookClub)

I have almost no listeners on Spotify. So to see the yearly wrap up try to make it sound like I’m doing really well is hilarious, because it’s also just saying I only have 46 listeners. https://tmblr.co/ZX0mERc-dk0Tai00

🚨 New episode of 'Gestating the Curious Mind' 🚨

Chapter 4 - Lucretia finally gets to prove herself

Sporty Spice isn't possible if your dad doesn't let you play sports

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This week on the podcast we're returning to a book series we covered in the early days of the podcast. A paranormal romance bordering on erotica set in near future where global warming has destroyed the Earth. Buckle up.

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🚨 New episode of Leaves of Glen 🚨
'Judgement on Janus’ by Andre Norton

My 'fun fact' really ruined the vibe of the show. That's the last time I use http://grunge.com

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