E238 Leaves of Glen Reads: Ch 18 of ‘David Copperfield’ by Charles Dickens

We suddenly get the narration point of view of David when he’s really, really old for some reason. He thinks back fondly of all the women he was hot for. One, a woman in her 30s who eventually marries an old man for his money. He tells all this to Agnes… a romance-option that has been right under his nose all along…

The romance corner book this week is ‘The Intimacy Experiment’ by Rosie Dananhttps://www.penguinrandomhouse.com/books/623480/the-intimacy-experiment-by-rosie-danan/

Go on, read it for yourself:https://bookshop.org/a/12554/9780486436654

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Watching a show where old women keep drugging cookies to force people to fall in love while I wait for dinner. https://tmblr.co/ZX0mERczSpxUye00

I don't know what's happening to me today. But for some reason I feel like this is important enough that the world needs to know.


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