Book Boys and Uncited Podcast Review: ‘An Abundance of Katherines’ By John Green

Episode Notes

This week, we have the hosts of the Uncited English Lit Podcast join us to review one of John Green’s more problematic works.
We learn:

  • Ben tried to train a cat to ring a bell? I lost interest
  • Glen got Covid
  • Our guests came up with the phrase “girl hump”
  • Apparently Shindlers List is something you can watch to unwind after a long day


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This week on the podcast we're returning to a book series we covered in the early days of the podcast. A paranormal romance bordering on erotica set in near future where global warming has destroyed the Earth. Buckle up.

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🚨 New episode of Leaves of Glen 🚨
'Judgement on Janus’ by Andre Norton

My 'fun fact' really ruined the vibe of the show. That's the last time I use

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Looks like I’ll be day-drinking at the mall of America today. Marrying someone from out of state has me at this mall more in a year than Ive ever been in my life. ALT

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